Deposits set up at BNI Europa benefit from a reimbursement guarantee provided by the Deposit Guarantee Fund whenever the deposits become unavailable for reasons directly related to its financial situation.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantees reimbursement up to a maximum value of 100.000 Euros for each depositor, whether the depositors are resident in Portugal or not and whether the deposits are expressed in Portuguese or foreign currency.

When calculating the value of the deposits of each depositor, the joint value of the deposit accounts is considered at the time in which it is found that the institution is unable to pay, including interest; the balance of the deposits in foreign currency is for that purpose converted into Euros, at the exchange rate on the said date (reference exchange rates, disclosed by the Bank of Portugal).

The reimbursement should take place within a maximum period of 7 days for an installment of 10.000 Euros; the remainder up to the sum of 100.000 Euros within a maximum period of 20 working days, counting from the date in which the deposits became unavailable and in absolutely exceptional circumstances and with regard to individual cases, the Fund may request for an extension of that period by a period of no longer than 10 working days, from the Bank of Portugal.

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